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in america and around the world. president orders military exercises in the region bordering ukraine. the defense minister insist they ave nothing to do with the political turmoil but the u.s. secretary of state warned it grave mistake for military intervention by moscow. occurred as protests broke out and the interim president bbc his nation is on the brink of financial disaster. this report from kiev. >> in these revolutionary days ukraine this is what it takes to form a government. the men and women selected to ministers were paraded on stage in independence square in a vast crowd. president said up popular decisions would have to avoid there were angry shouts. hen the list of ministers was read out. most were applauded but some prote nationalist om a party objected that their to the e had not gone defense ministry. the new prime minister spoke to the bbc. >> we are on the brink of disaster and this is the government of political suicide ersz. welcome to hell. parliament utside they were removing the fences that kept the protesters out. now the people will be able to th
is democracy, the rule of rights, human rights and ukraine. it is about setting the country on a democratic half for the future. >> we begin this evening with the unrest in ukraine. ofhorities seek the arrest ousted president viktor yanukovych for mass murder. he is believed to be on the run after he fled his palace over the weekend. through ukrainian parliament has that been to fill beat -- phil the power vacuum. the collapse of government in ukraine as seen as a strategic setback for russia. president obama's national security of advisor said the move would be a grave mistake. joining us is john herbst. charles is a professor of international relations at georgetown university and a -- or counsel of the i am pleased to have all of them on the program at this critical moment. fiona hill, i begin with you. we'l d like -- where are right now, how did we get there, and where are we going and what are the risks? did this happen now and what is the moment that we are at now and where we are going? forhe precipitating event the series of protests that have led us to the situation were triggered
... in today's cover story... conflict in the ukraine causes a worldwide ripple effect. and... a major bitcoin operator suddenly shuts down for business. plus.. why for some. becoming a playa on wall street takes round the clock work.. first business starts now! good morning! it's wednesday, february 26th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: stocks failed to make gains. following monday's roaring rally, stocks turned red with gold the only green on the screen. federal regulators issue an emergency order for testing on the transportion of crude oil by rail out of concerns of possible explosions. asiana airlnes is fined a half million dollars by u.s. officials for not properly assisting families after last july's crash of flight 214 at san francisco airport. and, gm expands a recall to 1.37 million vehicles. the models built between 2003 and 2007 include: chevy cobalt, pontiac g5, saturn ion chevy hhr, pontiac solstice and saturn sky. the engine can shut off suddenly if the ignition is bumped. the problem is linked to 13 deaths. trader larry shover of sfg alternatives joins us now o
to bring all american troops home by the end of the year. uncertainty in ukraine after the president's fall there. how to build a new government. school children massacred. the lethal group behind the murders of students in nigeria. plus. >> i don't have to make a decision until next friday. >> waiting for arizona's governor to decide, will she sign or veto a bill that many say discriminates. and 50 years ago tonight the fight that changed boxing, one event in a year that changed so much more. ♪ ♪ >>> we begin tonight with what could be a major change for u.s. troops in afghanistan. today president obama ordered the pentagon to prepare for a full u.s. troop withdrawal by the end of the year. it's a decision that could affect the lives of 10s of thousands of americans families. now, a few thousand u.s. troops were sent to afghanistan not long after 9/11, by 2005, the numbers swelled to 20,000. the american presence piqued threpeakedthree year old ago, bt president obama has been pulling americans out of the country since then now about 35,000 u.s. forces in afghanistan. the president spo
with us. ♪ >> breaking news, everyone. on ukraine's debt. a olivia sterns joins us with details. >> secretary of state john kerry has said that the united states will guarantee a $1 billion loan to ukraine. they are also considering direct aid to ukraine. the trouble though, trish, is the ukraine needs about 35 to $10 to be solvent. and theou -- the eu united states have been debating this. they have said they will commit one billion dollars, but obviously nowhere near the amount of money ukraine needs to come back from the brink of default. kovacic now onh the run somewhere in ukraine. kovacic ent victoriana vich on the run somewhere in ukraine. ukraine is taking steps forward to put together a new government that could come into place tomorrow. the u.s. guaranteeing a one billion dollar loan. not enough though. they need $35 billion. trish? >> shifting focus to beijing. the notorious air-quality there has reached hazardous levels for a seventh consecutive day before the national people's congress. air pollution is the number one cause of complaints and will dominate discussion
and the imf may prove a slippery slope for ukraine. presence of us troops in afghanistan causing a rift in washington. while president obama says he may follow through with his zero option. lawmakers continue to push to keep up to ten thousand soldiers there british muslims cry foul over the government campaign against radicalism in the state are being singled out as scapegoats. a fan midnight in moscow thanks for joining u h on r thtop sryheal upheaval in ukrai's cit sparking a backlash in the southeast of the country where many are making it clear ty don't recognize the new supper cleaned leadership in kiev. the move means gathering pace in crimea in our time in this region home to major industrial hubs in some prime tourist spots. also mainly populated by ethnic russians largest rallies held in an evil city of service telco were a pro russian there's just been appointed by city hall after an outpouring of popular support. ortiz europe is to know there's more. for the past if you d c in the cdo placebo school play which is also the country's second largest seaport and home to russia's
straight to the helicopter at his residence and disappeared. viktor yanukovych flew to eastern ukraine, close to the russian border where he spent the night in a state residence. while there, he went on ukrainian television to say defiantly that he would not resign and that he would not leave the country, but then he did not show up for a gathering of his allies. instead, he got back in his helicopter and flew 200 miles to his hometown, also in eastern ukraine near the russian border. everyone thought that eastern ukraine was safe territory for viktor yanukovych. but when he arrived at the airport in his hometown, he discovered that authorities were blocking the takeoff of the two private falcon jets that were waiting for him. he then fled by car, heading to the peninsula 400 miles away where his allies, the russians, base their black sea fleet. according to ukraine's new interior minister, the last we know of president yanukovych's movements is when he was heading for the airport in the south peninsula. but he must have been alerted to the fact that authorities were waiting for him th
is the most popular. >> things are moving fast in ukraine where the parliament is putting together an interim government, including the cabinet. not everyone? ukraine is happy with the changes, especially in the southern part of the country. >> we are joined over the fen by jennifer glasse. what is happening there now? >> yesterday the people, the folks, their own mayor, they are more russian than ukrainian. we were outside the town hall where people gathered. they were yesesive when they -- aggressive when they are heard we were american television crew. "yankee go home" is what one told me. they are angry, and in particular they are angry that the ukrainian language was made the language of the count rich. that the elicited big cheers. here, they feel they are trying to marginalise the people. everyone here speaks russian. flags were flying over city hall and people flew the flag. they say if kiev is going to marginalize us, we want to be part of russia. >> you mentioned the support for russia. it suspended $15 billion to ukraine. in the west, officials like john kerry declare support for
grave mistake" for russia to send troops into neighboring ukraine. last weekend the ukrainian president was topple bide violent protests. today, russia unexpectedly mobilized troops near the border in what it calls a training exercise. clarissa ward is in the ukrainian capital kiev. >> reporter: tonight, ukraine's opposition leaders chose independence square, the center of the revolution, to introduce the country's new government. to booing from somef crowd. parliament must ratify the new ministers tomorrow, but for some there were too many familiar faces on stage. katerina say 27-year-old teacher. >> people are angry. especially these days, people are very angry. >> reporter: ukraine's ousted president, viktor yanukovych, fled the capital five days ago, following a week of violence in which 80 protesters were killed. now, the country is trying to move forward, but it won't be easy. ukraine is almost bankrupt. it needs $35 billion over the next two years. so far, russia has refused to recognize the country's new leaders, and president putin's decision to put russian troops on ukraine's
the school as well. you knew when lulu . i like it. and these are live pictures from ukraine were scuffles freak out it's the south of the country in crimea between supporters and opponents of the country's interim leadership and arrival crowns besieged the local parliament while in the capital kiev this is just beginning ukraine's resurrection europe's resurrection. they started our ride on. it's all true nationalist move closer to power seeking key posts in a new government to be approved or rejected by chaotic crowds in a forum on the embattled independence square. he had wanted to sleep. these men to the to grasp of the three of twelve why write vigilantes in armored vehicles patrolled the streets of a muslim neighborhood in east london sparking fears of a clash between communities. and. an inquiry into the work of a troika of international and are just traveling eurozone states shows deep flaws in the system as the european parliament admits the bailout has gone to plan. i am the mosque what unites the international arena jace while political shockwaves shaped ukraine it's n
today: the crisis in ukraine is sparking rattling from russia with the president ordering combat drills. and the pentagon is getting orders to withdraw completely by the end of the year from afghanistan. weighing in on this next. >>> right now, now orders on afghanistan to tell you about. the president telling the pentagon to prepare for complete wi withdrawl of the troops by the end of the year as the president there is refusing to sign the security agreement past 2014. the president speaking with the afghanistan president by phone. jennifer griffin is life from the pentagon with more. >> reporter: one day after the president ordered this, chuck hagel arrived in brussels for a two-day meeting with the nato chief. he is trying to hold the c coalitition together. the chairman of the joint chief, martin dempsy flew to kabul today. he warned the discussion of the pulling all of the troops by end of the year is quote having an affect on the enemy and encourages them in some ways and intelligence supports that >> the longer we wait, the more likely the possibility is we end up with no troops
the medical humanitarian needs of the population. >> from afghanistan we turn to ukraine and the fears after the revolution. the interim president fears the nation is splitting apart. the search is on for former president viktor yanukovych, now considered a fugitive, and there are protesters in eastern ukraine who support him. we have the story from nick schifrin. >> under the gaze of the man who founded the soviet union. ukraine's youth are playing an old game, with new rules. >> this is a pro-russian city. the teenagers know for the first time they don't need the government. they rally from behind. there were rumours the lenin statue was coming down, as it did in half-a-dozen other cities. they are ready to prevent that happening. >> this is our history. nobody can take - can destroy it. >> 17-year-old max says his heart is with russia, but knows ukraine's future is with the west, which he's not really against. >> great britain and, you know... >> the western dreams spur an older generation growing up soviet. the women gave max a ribbon, selt operating soviet -- celebrating soviet soldiers
scene the season the land. he was coming up the uncertainty in ukraine the stake as the economy ugandan newspaper exposed me to two hundred people at the gate. the day after the country's president of the cadavers comes to life i'll get that. as the dishes in ukraine are struggling to overcome their differences and form a new government. on tuesday the abandoned plans to vote on national unity coalition delaying the decision until thursday mommy while ukraine needs cash and it means it's a leap of fifteen billion dollar aid package from russia has been suspended lawmakers are now asking the west to fill that gap as the economy hurdles toward the fall. eu foreign policy chief catherine ashton was in ukraine on tuesday she said that europe would be willing to help with short term fund it was a warmer union between catherine ashton and you can listen to. after meeting with other leading politicians the eu foreign policy chief held talks with the former prime minister who was released from prison only days ago. he tries to help ukraine but not unconditionally and he doesn't want to ignore r
ukraine. i'll get to the the bottom of it. and my guest ledge enary singer darlene love stars in a documentary called 20 feet from stardom, tonight she'll be 16 feet closer. major league baseball he is eliminating home plate collisions. apparently they violate baseball's long-standing ban on action. this is the colbert report captioning sponsored by comedy central welcome to the report o everybody, good to you haves with. >> stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! >> welcome to the report, everybody. folks, if you have been watching the news like i v you know there is a big story this weekend. thank you so much, folks. folks, the winter olympics are finally over. they've handed out all the metals and all the whips. and the athletes are now leaving town before vladimir putin uses the olympic flame to burn down sochi for the insurance money. unfortunately, my friends on the u.s. speed skating team 2014 has been a rocky road or as they call it, an unzambonied rink. they medaled in only one event and the team is covering their asses by blaming the thing that covered
and the unveiling of one very special carnival queen. more on that a bit later. ukraine, the protesters claim they were responsible for taking over 80 lives last week. now the country's easy riot squad has been disbanded. on wednesday the country's acting interior ministry said he signed a decree to confine them to history. the interim government in kiev continues to grapple with the aftermath of the overthrow of viktor yanukovych remains on the run. the threat of imminent bankruptcy and separatism in the east and south are immediate challenges. indeed, thousands have come onto in pro-russian and pro-nationalist rallies and crimea. our international affairs editor douglas herbert joins us now. what is the latest from the street of crimea come of the crimean capital? you have seen extraordinary scenes. >> i am on the steps of the crimean parliament, the capital. i have seen a crowd of protesters divided between pro-russian and very much pro-ukrainian pushing forward -- ng to get to the you have ukrainian interior ministry troops into lines locked tightly trying to hold them back. every few min
crisis in ukraine and the ukrainian presidential web site says the acting president all incentive to cheat off has assumed the duties of the head of the armed forces meanwhile the acting interior minister says he has suspended a police unit known as the go carts. anti government protest is have blamed it for violent attacks that killed scores of people last week. demonstrations by count like last year against the government would scrap the deal to forge closer ties with the european union and sent to moscow instead president viktor yanukovich with kiev out the signaling up the signing rather an agreement with part as leaders to end the three month conflict. more than eighty people were killed just last week. yanukovich whose whereabouts remain unknown baby was reportedly last seen in the crimea a prior russia area. thousands of pro russian protest is with st rally on tuesday in the crimea denouncing politicians in kiev who are trying to form a new government. so a lot of information there about so let's get clarification of what is happening were joined by our correspondent rory r
, the battle in ukraine shifting to the south as prorussian and anti-russian protesters scuffle in the streets. >>> a sentence for those men convicted of killing a british socialed in brood daylight. >>> and executives from credit suisse facing acquisitions of helping americans evade their taxes. ♪ >>> we begin with a divided ukraine, protesters are in the streets of the country's east where many there favor ties with russia, while in kiev they are picking a new cabinet. the riot police have now been disbanned, but the country teters on the merge of economic collapse. jennifer glasse is live from kiev. >> this city is 90% russian, it has been russian based since the 18th century, and still is. the people here very unhappy with development in kiev. so you feel left out? you feel like they didn't ask you? >> yeah, yeah, they just follow they -- they direction. we are staying aside, yeah. but now we will fight. >> reporter: and they are really unhappy about the fact that kiev made ukrainian the official language just a couple of days ago. 90% of the people here speak russian, many are ethnic ru
military drills that it says are not related to the events in ukraine. >>> lawmakers drill bankers that allegedly helped americans hide billions of dollars. ♪ >>> it was a crime that was as gruesome as it was publish. a british soldier run over and then hacked to death in the middle of the day. in the video you see the men walking around holding the knives they used to commit the crime, never trying to run away or hide their faces. today we're learning their fate. phil lavel is live in london today. and these sentences are not cut and dry? >> reporter: no, they are not. and we're waiting for that to happen. we are told it will happen hopefully in the next half hour or so. this is turning into some of a political protest here today. there is a huge police presence. there are 30 or 40 armed police officers surrounding the court. there are people demanding that these killers at least be locked up for life. at one point they were surrounding the entrance to the court. the police were clearly very concerned. they were blocking the entrance to the court where these trials took place an
changes after the removal of the nation's president. look at the situation in ukraine coming up. yes that were close its planetary neighbor mars has a surprise for us he insists have captured images suggesting that our water. could this be a blue streak humans hoping to land on mars. in the javelin at the red planet leader and cattle. barry twenty nine yet here i want to be seen. i'm liz wall when you're watching rt america. the begins today and with any new sites again fantasy snooping. this one is green brazil and the european union together literally connecting the two regions of the below. the group's just announced an agreement in brussels to build an undersea communications cable. these are the submarine cables that currently carry internet traffic around the world the proposed under water in it but it looked like against traveling under the depths of the ocean from lisbon portugal for delays and brazil. the line could reduce the country's reliance on us cable after word got out of nsa spying on international leaders including our allies brazilian president them every step has
distinguished itself. but next door in the nation of ukraine, another olympic struggle was going on, as tens of thousands of young people, the future of that country of ukraine, rose in peaceful assembly and achieved their goal of removing corrupt leadership and of offering the hope that life in ukraine could be better for all. may i encourage the leaders of ukraine's parliament to -- of ukraine's parliament to rise to this occasion, to embrace all of that great country, to keep the peace, to move forward democratic reform, so that the full potential of that remarkable place on this earth, can be reached for the first time in modern history. may ukraine extend west and south and east and north. her power is yet to be fully realized and we congratulate those who are moving toward peaceful progress in that nation. may god go with you. i yield back my remaining time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman yields back. for what purpose does the gentleman from minnesota seek recognition? >> i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute and revise and extend my remarks. the speaker
on sexual orientation. >> independence in the territorial integrity of ukraine is extremely important. >> the winds of change are knocking again at ukraine's doors. the will of the people must be done. >> we have serious concerns about some issues in venezuela, include democracy and human rights. >> children in california strickenned with a polio will-le virus. >> more than children have not recovered the use of their are or leg. >> we know very little about what's going on. ♪ ♪ >>> attorney general eric holder who told a conference of state attorneys general on tuesday that they do not have to defend their state's laws against game marriage if they think they discriminate in a way that's not constitutional. >> this is the extraordinary task with which the american people have entrusted the leaders in this room and the challenge that all justice professionals are called for address. not merely to use our legal system to settle disputes and punish those who have done wrong but to answer the kind of really fundamental questions about fairness and about equality that have always dete
stretching the russian citizenship for ethnic russians in ukraine spoken prison camp of separatism. russia is trying to use hawk pilot in order to influence the situation in ukraine. it's not willing to violate the sovereignty of ukraine. it's not about to make any territorial claim but at the same time russia is ready to help its compact read too much in trouble the smoothness of policy muslim tosses of the original crime and that now form a minority. history makes them wary of russia yes you you will. many russians set sold head off to the deportation of crime and top says. and they still fail not just as nik the russian but that they belong spiritual needs of the russian state. and this explains that deep desire to be with russia and to be included in the russian states. who knew you think you can use the mini show both useful and screws and see you all be anything but this cat is that tensions are rising international observers have stressed that ukraine shoul't become a new battleground between east and west. jonas sound volunteers have begun pouring out of the documents left behind a
president vladimir putin a stern warning after he orders military exercises along bored of ukraine. kerry said putin should listen carefully to ukrainians who voiced the desire to change. u.s. does not view russia as a continuation of the cold war. this is not rocky iv. earlier in a televised statement, the drills will test whether the troops are ready for ac, whether threatened, denied, denials connected to the ukraine. but is that really just a coincidence. joining me fox news national security analyst. so ralph, the move of this military exercise today by putin on the board ukraine, convince deny? >> no. of course it's not. as far as john kerry's threat goes, he threatened to remove assad. putin is not scared of kerry or obama. there's no question what amounts to mobilization is called a readiness test. it's mobile saig to get troops ready to go. if putin would decide he wants to invade, it's absolutely 100% to do with ukraine. now, putin does not want to use military force. it's not his first or second option. but make no mistake. he is proud. he's vindictive. he's angry. he believes
into a checkpoint charlie confrontation? >> you mean lithuania, not the ukraine? >> i meant ukraine. sorry. >> there is obviously. the president of ukraine vetoed the agreement with western europe, and ukraine is very divided between those who would rather have their economic and integration, their political affiliation, or cultural ties to russia and those who would like to turn to the west. it is playing out right now, 25 killed this morning, an obvious hot spot. this is one of those -- we need two things. this is where you need the national intelligence council, what is at play, what we think is going to affect the outcome, what are the range of policy decisions that are open to us, and then you need a wise decision. we cannot intervene in all these crises of the world. it could be very bloody, and to go in there into direct confrontation with russia at this point, obvious reasons not to do this. our hearts obviously are with the western-leaning ukrainians. they would like to return to europe, which is our way of looking at things. one of the wise thing to do through intelligence is dec
is ukraine. vladimir putin issued a drill to mobilize troops in western russia. how worried should we be about the military action into ukraine? >> well, andrea, first of all, let me just say that what has happened in ukraine is quite remarkable. it's a demonstration of the reper repeatidy shouthat should send message to russia. and mr. putin should listen to the ukrainians that want desire for change. that's number one. number two, the president, president putin in a telephone conversation with president obama just the other day committed to respect the territorial integrity of ukraine. and i think that's up credibly important. it would be very difficult for me to understand how russia would reconcile its position on libya, its position on syria, its warnings against interveng in another country and then not respect the sovereignty of ukraine and the will of the people there. so we're hoping that russia will not see this as sort of a continuation of the cold war. we don't see it that way. we do not believe this should be an east/west russia/united states. this is not "rocky iv," beli
- a major city where ukraine's revolution is not welcomed by the soviet generation. >> plus, peril for the produce industry. why some healthy snacks may become forbidden fruit. >> at least the parents from young children are hearing the messages and stopping these things before they are a problem. >> it's heralded as a breakthrough in childhood obesity. signs that all the warnings are being taken to heart. >> hi there, everyone. good to have you with us. welcome to al jazeera america. i'm thomas drayton. president obama's patience with afghanistan is wearing thing. after months of negotiations, the president issued an ultimatum on tuesday. he told afghan president hamid karzai - sign the deal or the u.s. is pulling all u.s. troops from afghanistan by the end of the year. as patty culhane shows, it creates a showdown with potentially huge consequences for both countries. >> u.s. president obama left the negotiating with afghanistan's president hamid karzai to his staff. after nine months of silence, he picked up the phone on tuesday to send him a personal warning. he was told that w
positions in the country's new government to explain themselves to the protesters and square after ukraine's president viktor in the cove which was posted last week following the deaths of one hundred protesters ukrainians want a say in how government makes decisions. most recently they have been infuriated it was how the country's presence in your circle lives. protesters have taken control of former prosecutor general victor b'tselem coast residents and video from the mansion shows don't have to be a very wealthy man with a taste for ornate furniture which he enjoyed putting on display along with the coup which i now wanted him in parliament has voted to send them to the international criminal court in may. zai . i am the intended on him more although overall of the total. you could. i had the audit were little. it is i do. is yes. is you chile's year's independence square city want to be consulted before parliament makes any major decisions will affect ukrainians and demanded that all candidates for ministerial positions in the country's new government to explain themselves to the prote
flex. while neighboring ukraine is in chaos with protesters killed in the streets, police taken hostage and ukraine's president hiding from what's left of the government, with all that going on, vladimir putin is saying what better time than now to hold war games right by the boarder? surprise military drills involving 150,000 russian troops, a show of muscle by russia, the very country whose influence many of those ukrainian protesters wish to escape. what is russia up to here? let's bring in peter brooks, former deputy assistant secretary of defense and currently senior fellow for national security affairs and the heritage foundation. thanks for being here. russia denies these surprise war games have anything to do with the unrest in ukraine. do you believe that? >> no. this is a groucho marx routine. who you going believe, me or your own eyes? they're saying this was preplanned months ago. i don't believe it. it's a show of strength, signaling to everybody this isn't over yet, and russia i think is telling people if things go bad in ukraine there could be other things coming. >> of c
. protesters in ukraine back on the streets as calls come for opposition leader to become the next prime minister. >>> a sea of refugee in damascus. these photos show risk of starvation. >>> a site for drought-weary california, it's raining. >> there have been troubling signs coming from ukraine showing how deeply th there is division. now we're learning of new calls from kiev for opposition leader to be the country's next prime minister. jennifer glass, tell us about these latest developments coming out of kiev? >> that's right. it's kind of a logical move. these are the big movers and shakers we have sign over the last few months at the-of the protest in kiev, and so emerging as the favorite for prime minister. that also after yulia tymoshenko who was released from prison a few days ago had a triumphant return to independent square, she took herself out of the running. they can't negotiate anything. they want move forward, and they can't engage with the international community. there has another name put forward as well as foreign minister, the oppositions choice as well, but i underst
genocide suspects back to rwanda. >>> so it's again the news hour begins with a crisis in ukraine. neighboring russia is turning up the pressure. moscow says it will protect its naval fleet. and putin has ordered military drills. russia's black sea fleet is based in the area, and that has been the scene of fighting between russian and anti-government protesters. tim friend is in this the ukrainian capitol. these statements from russia, pretty new. tim, how is it going down where you are? >> well, you can imagine that everyone here is living on their nerves at the moment. it's not only the situation internally, but still extremely volatile of course because it's unresolved as ousted former president is still on the run somewhere, and there is as of yet no proper interim leadership, but as you have just been mentioning, this goes much wider than what is happening within the borders of ukraine, and in many russia itself, president putin ordering this state of preparedness. that's being typified in this russia, t -- at least the information we're getting here in kiev. you can imagine
. [ laughter ] let's begin in the ukraine. a barrier twixt between east and west, a thin borscht wall f you will show the russian influence, represented here by the crying bear, a classic icon of russian power and european influence represented by an (bleep). [ laughter ] who thinks his tiny coffee is somebody better than anybody else's coffee. if it was so great, why don't you drink more of it? [laughter] >> anyway my point is ukraine descended to chaos. >> the the problems began when president yanukovych favored the union. a country split in two until demonstrators finalry called for president yanukovych to step down. >> riot police and protesters clashed again in kiev's independence square. >> jon: first thing i'm going to do when i'm a dictator, i'm going get rid of all these (bleep) squares. [ laughter ] nothinging good happens -- nothing good happens for dictators in squares. [laughter] you never hear about uprisings in tahir triangle or tiannanmen rom drhombus. you never hear that. it's a terrible situation, a complicated situation. there are historic divisions amongst west leaning
passed. putin is ordering a test of the combat readiness of the troops. the troops in ukraine are struggling. and whether or not the country will align with europe and the west or moscow is what set all of this off. >> and president obama asking the pentagon to prepare for an entire exit from afghanistan. he spoke with the president of afghanistan and said since she is not likely to sign a long-term security agreement that the united states needs to simply make other plans. the white house insisted the pack be signed for the troops to remain in the country after 2014. and the steory is their relationship is over. >> big stories overseas >> and why would the va destroy patient records? here about the bombshell tape that might prove that. >> and eric holder saying cou count counterparts can ignore laws that they think discriminate >> and a treasure discovered and how one couple is about $10 million richer >> what is that shiny thing over there? >> pick it up and take it home. >> unbelievable. when you have diabetes like i do, you want a way to help minimize blood sugar spikes.
. these are the main stories. the fights over ukraine's future. the call for breakaway from kiev. >> crying foul in turkey turns up the pressure on government. >> and i have the rest of the news from europe. including sentenced to life. two men who hacked a british soldier to death on a london street. and france's top court he verses an extradition decision that would have sent three rwanda genocide suspects back. >> and more than skin deep. the remarkable invention that could change the way burn victims are treated. welcome to the program let's begin with the crisis in ukraine where there has been renewed pressure to track down ousted president viktor yanukovych. as tensions grow between pro russia and pro-e.u. supporters. they placed yanukovych on a wanted list. russian president vladimir putin has ordered military drills in the west and central regions of the country, and it's where pro-russian and ukrainian lawyers came to blows. >> they came out emphatically in support of the new leadership in kiev. they shouted it is not russia and bandits get out. they say they belong in a pro european un
its troops on the border of ukraine. >> and we begin with breaking news from texas where gay rights activists have scored another victory. a short time ago a federal judge struck down the state's gay marriage ban. this follows similar decisions by federal judges in utah, oklahoma and virginia. mark snyder joins us from dallas. the judge found the ban unconstitutional, but is letting it stand. why is that? >> well, it's pending another ruling later this year and another appeals court. yes, they say they're complying with the u.s. constitution and not trying to defy the people of texas. the rule something in response to a challenge by two gay couples of texas' banning gay marriage. we just got a response from one of the couples, and they say, quote, we're extremely happy, happy beyond words with judge garcia's decision having been together 17 years. we look forward to the day we can get married, and when all gay texans enjoy equal rights to marry as well. we also got a statement from texas' governor rick perry who said: and then in 2005, 67% of texans voted to put that on the state co
. liberal "new york times" @%plauding president bush. and his policies on ukraine. and questioning president obama's. col an ralph peters our next guest. lou: the formation of unity government in ukraine has been delayed until thursday, country trying to put together 35 billion of financial aid to avoid default, dramatic images of riot police, falling to their knees asking for forgiveness for their colleagues who put and shot, beat, and shot and killed antigovernment protesters, former president yanukovich wanted for murder is still missing, ralph peters, good to have you here. let's start with first of all, the administration, "new york times", criticizing the administration saying, if w we have this full screen, i would like to put it up. george w. bush was inspired by orange revolution of 2004, weeks later vowed to promote democracy, president obama approached revolution of 2014 with a more clinical detac detachment aimed at avoiding instability. about has close "new york times" come to a condemn nation of this administration's policies. >> this is damning, difference is, straight forward
in ukraine. and he and i can show up in a one tcu and then denying he had said. seven hits. i think that he intends visit my grandpa was one of the museum and he was more right of the town. the retail side effect. and my crown playground on the team is the most to bake and then my crafts painting when his fifteen needles and asked if they can. at noon and then my cousin came and for this it's been years. the new sign he's also trained as a mom i can an mit uncouth and then me the disappearance of what temples traditional jewish bakeries reflects the century of demographic shifts london's two skeins he's migrated to the northwest of ups and compete in bakeries clay shaw in the nineteen seventies green cos it means to wholesale market the bakery now runs twenty four seven delivering cola cupcakes and danish is upscale supermarket soup so that is until it's on to major corporations and the team opens the money and credit suisse. also the fifteen that but the old generation and the jewish people the offense so calm and sometimes i end but now it is so calm all season which means she's the great
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be pulled out by the end of the year. >> this is al jazeera from doha. ahead - ukraine's capital is abuzz with political intrigue. near the border with russia we find people living without hope. >> set on fire as they slept. 59 schoolchildren killed in nig , in what is called a deranged attack. >> dirty tricks in duby it where gold painted silver to try to full customs. >> u.s. president barack obama is running out of patients with afghanistan's leader. after waiting months for president hamid karzai to sign a security agreement president obama made it clear ta all troops may be withdrawn if there's no deal. patty culhane reports on the high stakes. future of the u.s.-led war. >> u.s. president obama left the negotiating with afghanistan's hamid karzai to his staff. after nine months of silence he picked up the phone to send him a personal warning. he was told that if he wants u.s. to stay behind 2014, they must sign an agreement. 12 years after the invasion the u.s. started planning for the so-called zero option, a complete withdrawal. warning there'll be consequences the longer he delay
everybody is trying to catch up with connected constituents. going back to the ukraine example, part of what has accelerated this revolution in ukraine -- compare it to the russian intervention in georgia in august, 2008 -- many more people killed, a much less attention. more con activity has shown a huge spotlight on what has happened and what is also fascinating is yanukovich began to bleed supporters as soon as he lost the conductivity. there is a challenge that goes back to the marketing that he or she who can best capture their cause at 140 characters has a better chance of getting the general public around the world behind them. >> what about the images? the images have been so powerful. isn't that almost bigger than the words themselves? >> the images are powerful in terms of creating demand for action. shining that spotlight on what's happening. look at syria -- you have 140,000 people dead and there is no shortage of horrific videos. it doesn't make a difference at all. at the end of the day, technology can create that demand and at transparency but it still requires the will of gov
to veto that bill. >>> concerns in ukraine about war games on the border. more reaction from the u.s. >>> the snow is melting, but, boy, those potholes are >>> still no word tonight whether arizona governor jan brewer will sign a controversial bill into law. that measure would allow businesses to refuse service to gays and lesbians on the basis of religious beliefs. today the national hispanic bar association joined those announcing it would pull its 2015 convention out of phoenix. brewer has until saturday to sign or veto the measure. >>> gay marriage is making news across the country today. in texas, a federal judge struck down that state's ban on gay marriage but he's leaving the ban in place until an appeals court rules later this year. in prince leon county in virginia, the circuit court clerk is appealing a ruling that called virginia's ban on gay passenger unconstitutional. a pal just released by the public religion institute, it finds a majority of americans, 53 appearance, now support gay marriage. that same survey put support at only 32 appearance just 10 years ago. >>> t
sippy downs coming up the rush to fill the power vacuum in ukraine the thursday deadline to form a government. this is russia and the west continue to jostle. turkey's prime minister denounces as file the halls of crude fabrication state in which he allegedly ordered his son art museums. the opposition calls for an inquiry. united states expelled three venezuelan diplomats this out to caracas to the st last week accusing washington of fuel. protests all are. ukraine's president on the run since his ouster last saturday with moscow seriously brooding. one senior russian lawmaker on a trip to crimea pledging to protect from the trees there if their lives are endangered over and give this tuesday it's all about feeling the power vacuum that yvonne gorgeous dani has the story a warm embrace between ukraine and the eu former prime minister yulia tymoshenko made eu foreign policy chief catherine ashton on tuesday. as the opposition appears to form a new government. ashton emphasized the need for unity. you need to work together and you need to recognize the importance of accountabilit
. "bloomberg surveillance." i am tom keene. with me is scarlet fu and adam johnson. >> lawmakers and ukraine are pledging to protect bank deposits while a new government is formed. about 70% of deposits were withdrawn las vegas police and protesters battle. and a vote to form a new administration is planned for tomorrow any country's parliament. moving on, heisman trophy winner james winston at-bat against the new york yankees. yesterday, the florida state quarterback is also a pitcher outfielder. he struck out and grounded out in the play. maybe he ought to go back to the gridiron. he was probably will that are at winning the football matches. >> but that is really cool. >> an athlete is an athlete. you've got to respect a guy for being able to wear a bunch of different hats. and the obesity rate for 5 dropped by 2 to more than 40% over the last decade. about 8% of children in that age group were found to be obese according to a study from the centers for disease control and prevention, but obese figures for the overall u.s. population remained flat, even increase for those over 60. >> it i
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